Brent is not a Council that stands still and rests on its laurels.

We were LGC Council of the year in 2020 and this year we have won three LGC awards, one for diversity and inclusion with our Black Community Action plan and one for our economic support to the community. An officer in our community engagement team won the LGC’s Rising Star!

Brent has an incredibly diverse community of any London Borough, and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to shape the place where they live and achieve their potential.

Therefore, we have recently restructured the Council to ensure we have the right mechanisms in place to make this happen.

This new Directorate will be focused on delivering projects related to levelling up, violence and vulnerability, tackling poverty and discrimination and promoting equality. It will also ensure that community engagement forms the bedrock of our regeneration, planning, skills, and employment work all of which contribute to levelling up and promoting equality. We have delivered more housing and more genuinely affordable housing than any other borough. We are rightly proud of this but to improve further we need to foster and lead partnerships with businesses, the community, faith, voluntary and community sectors to ensure they co-design all our future initiatives.

I hope what you read about Brent and this post will inspire you to apply. We are not looking for applicants from a particular professional background, what we want is an individual who shares our goals and aspirations for Brent and who will play a key role in delivering these for our community.

Carolyn Downs

Carolyn Downs, Chief Executive